Say hello to turkish inner

… Hey guess

whats the price is…. 100% rayon material with rumple lace…

Back of our hijabs look so neat..

. The volume is vry suitable.

doesn’t bring up camel hump….those who like to wear inner for hijab… Sure this turkish inner wont make you dizzy on ur head… Anti headache.

.. Absorb sweat……the lace is super

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Hijab accessories come in different flavors. There are many different accessories that serve different purposes. At Tunic hijabz , you can find the perfect accessories that will be helpful. Our vast collection of accessories have everything you need, and some you don’t even know you needed. From hijab decoration accessories to humble neck scarves, you can find anything you need to help securing your hijab, decorating your hijab, or provide extra coverage at tunic hijabz


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